Emmanuelle Marty Photography

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Emmanuelle Marty Photography

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Born in France but expatriated in West Africa at the age of 2, she had a happy, simple childhood, close to Nature, raw, wild, she lived there for 7 years. A few years later, it is in Morocco that she will live, she worked there for 15 years, she created her own communication agency while she was starting to develop her style and portfolio. The parenthesis that overturned her life, 3 years of expatriation to San Francisco, California. It was the school of life, she learned there extraordinarily, developed a taste for challenge. After these three intense years, she decided to leave everything to move to Paris, a dream that came true, she went back to school and did an Art, advertising and publishing school. Today, Emmanuelle lives on the French Riviera, she continues to shoot amazing weddings and private events for very exclusive clients. She has a refine, elegant and minimalist signature work, wedding and Art photographer, she carries out several projects as well: exhibitions photography, volunteer in projects of support women and children. She's an artist, she sees photography as a way of expressing oneself, translate a story, give emotions with poetry, aesthetics and passion.

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2 000 €
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Photographie, Séance d'engagement, Après le mariage, Galerie web privée
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Usage non exclusif - un à plusieurs événements par jour
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Oui, en dehors de la région
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Français, Anglais, Espagnol
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